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I hope you enjoy this new, not for Christmas only EP, may it bring you joy.

Currently living in Germantown, Philadephia, enjoying life here with my family and engaging into community. I am a Bella Union recording artist, with my last two studio albums appearing on their roster. These albums shared here are the undercurrent of what bubbles up there, it's all fodder and things I'm working on while creating my next overt work for Bella Union 2021. One of my fav past times is creating #trashiondolls on Instagram.

As a supporter you will have full access to the library that is my back catalog, currently at 36 solo albums including my last Xmas album, a reggae version of the Nutcracker, plus albums of other interesting recordings which I produced like improvised, interpretive dance music.

This is the 5th album this year into the Fanship pool, so it's growing! I don't expect everyone to keep up with this amount of work, but it's there for the thirsty and open who want to deep dive. I do want to illustrate here the value of this exchange. To me, if I can get a few thousand people to commit to basically buying me a bag of potatoes once a year, I could make French fries instead of hustling day jobs. You catch my drift! And then I think these recordings will even become more involved because I will have more time to commit.

Thank you so much for your continuing support! I have a lot of exciting music on the horizon I look forward to sharing.


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Karl Blau
Anacortes, Washington
Recording for over 20 years working towards making unique music following the pursuit of joy and truth and where does my voice want to go next? The albums here represent works from various studios- Dub Narcotic, Cornered K9, Vibe Control. "Stereoearrings" became my instrumental moniker following "Dunkel Blau." Find Bella Union albums "Out Her Space" and "Introducing" link below.

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