I'm Making Coffee (Ashley Eriksson)

from by West Coast Chalice



Ashley Eriksson just this past year released her album "Colours" with K. She's one of the souls of the band LAKE (also K), and she's backed up many a project in the Northwest since she moved there years ago from Southern California. I get the feeling she's got a lot of songs we've never heard. I found this song in a collection she gave me, I'm not sure it ever saw the light of the public eye. Her songs, chock-full of curiosity and whimsy, help the listener re-connect with a universal innocence waiting at our core.



from West Coast Chalice, released September 23, 2013
Karl Blau - voice, rhythm guitar, bass
Braydn Krueger - drums




Karl Blau Anacortes, Washington

In search of the sounds of joy and expressions that feel true to life. Like happiness with sadness. More and more songs about love and life and death. Experiments with sound, abundance, other kinds of dance, enthusiasm, vocals warming up.


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